Delightful Wooden Doors

  • Maximum Thermal Efficiency
  • Impressive and Professional Design
  • Factory Finishes, Painted or Stained
  • Traditional Locks & Hinges
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Wooden Doors, Stevenage

Our wooden doors are specifically crafted to offer the customer the ultimate in security and design. Using state of the art manufacturing techniques, we are proud to be able to provide all of our customers in Stevenage and the surrounding areas with the perfect wooden door that is right for your home.

When you’re looking to complete or renovate your Stevenage home, we understand that you want the best possible product at an affordable price that can be installed quickly and efficiently. Here at Harlequin Double Glazing, we can offer you all of that and more, with products that are optimised for energy efficiency and that boast state of the art locking mechanisms to keep your home safe. Our customer service team is backed by a fantastic installation crew that boasts a wealth of experience when it comes to supplying, delivering and installing top of the range timber products. Therefore you can rest easy knowing that your home improvement project is in the right hands. You’ll be enjoying your perfect new wooden doors before you know it.

Features & Benefits of Wooden Doors

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Engineered Wood

All of the materials we use during our top of the range manufacturing process are optimised to provide peak performance and durability.

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Multi-Layered Design

Our top quality products utilise state of the art timber manufacturing techniques to ascertain that your product will be resistant to warping and twisting.

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Safety and Security

Our top quality timber is purpose built to withstand all manner of unwanted elements, from bad weather to unwelcome persons.

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Combine Style with Efficiency

Many choose wooden doors due to the glamourous appearance of timber. Each of our products is tailored to combine the classic design with contemporary benefits.

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Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional timber, the manufacturing techniques that we utilise during the creation of our products reduce the need for constant maintenance.

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Energy Efficiency

Our top quality timber products minimise heat loss and maximise heat retention, lowering your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

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The Best Wooden Doors on the Market

All of our products are tailor-made to the highest quality possible utilising contemporary manufacturing techniques. We understand that there are a number of factors that craft your specific requirements when it comes to outfitting your Stevenage home with the perfect wooden doors.

We are proud of the quality products that we are able to deliver to our customers, and manage to combine aesthetically pleasing designs with energy efficient materials and highly secure locking mechanisms.

Timber itself and the production of it for construction purposes have evolved over time, and when produced correctly the material is no longer prone to warp and weaken over time. State of the art manufacturing techniques now allow manufacturers to combine the classic character of the traditional timber door with all of the benefits of contemporary engineering.

The multi-layered design of modern timber products stems from the ‘treatment’ during the production stage. This results in a man-made product known as engineered wood that is superior in a variety of ways to regular timber, improving upon the previous weaknesses of solid wood products.

Not only is engineered wood specified to meet particular needs of a standard user due to its man-made status, it is also designed to utilise moisture absorption techniques, preventing the onset of rot or warping.

Timber is also a highly secure product, made only more so by the application of engineered wood manufacturing. Your new wooden door will easily withstand the very worst of British weather, specifically built to handle heavy rainfall through the aforementioned moisture absorption techniques and properly able to endure gale-force winds thanks to the inherent strength of the product.

Our products are also finely hand-finished and sprayed so that they will keep not only their strength but their design as well without need for much maintenance.

This is all combined with state of the art locking mechanisms that keep your home safe from unwanted intruders. When you purchase one of our wooden doors, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality product at an affordable price.

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Wooden Doors Prices

If you’re looking for a competitive wooden doors quote in Stevenage and throughout Hertfordshire then look no further than Harlequin Glass Ltd.

If you’re looking for more information, wooden door prices, or just want some general advice regarding our timber products then feel free to call us on 0755 730 7296. You can also complete our online contact form and you’ll receive a quick, helpful response in no time.