Wonderful Wooden Windows

  • Natural Thermal Efficiency
  • Stunning Visual Design
  • Factory Sprayed and Hand-Finished
  • Pilkington K Glass, or St Gobain Equivalent
  • Low Energy Rating (E/16arg/4/Ug = 1.1)
  • 4-16-4 Double Glazing
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Wooden Windows, Stevenage

Here at Harlequin Double Glazing we understand that when you’re looking for the right windows and doors to complete or refurbish your Stevenage home, you want the best quality products at an affordable price, all as efficiently as possible. We are here to provide that service.

Stylish-security is the intention when we craft our CE Certified wooden windows, and we are proud to operate with our network of incredibly talented and qualified installation teams. We guarantee that throughout the entire process, from purchase to manufacturing, from delivery to installation, we will provide you with the best possible service and top quality products that maximise security and energy efficiency. You can rest easy knowing that your wants and needs will be catered to at all times, and you’ll soon be enjoying your perfect new wooden windows while relaxing in your Stevenage home.

Features & Benefits

Wooden Windows Stevenage

Engineered Wood

All of the materials we use during our top of the range manufacturing process are optimised to provide peak performance and durability.

Wooden Window Prices Stevenage

High Quality Double Glazing

With excellent quality 4-16-4 double glazing installed, you’ll reap all the energy benefits of the modern window mixed with the sleek design of the old.

Wooden Windows Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Security from All Elements

Modern double glazing provides an added layer of protection against all manner of unwanted elements, from bad weather to unwelcome persons.

Wooden Windows Costs Stevenage

Combining Style with Efficiency

Many opt for wooden windows due to the luxurious appearance of timber. Each of our products is tailored to combine the beauty of the old with the quality of the new.

Replacement Timber Windows Stevenage

Widely Customisable

When you choose a wooden window with us, there are a number of customisation options available, from the colour of the frame to the handles themselves.

Timber Window Prices Stevenage

Energy Efficient

Our top quality timber products are all specifically designed to minimise heat loss and maximise heat retention, ultimately lowering your energy bills.

Timber Casement Windows

Outstanding Wooden Windows

We’re proud of each and every one of our products. We guarantee that post-installation your new wooden windows will maintain their high level of quality for years to come. That way you can relax comfortably in the knowledge that your home is secure.

Not only are our products secured and aesthetically pleasing, they are also low-maintenance thanks to the ultimate in contemporary manufacturing techniques. It’s now easier than ever to look after your home, and your window will maintain its sprayed and hand finished design.

Some customers remain wary of wooden windows or timber products, due to the possibility of rotting or warping as the years go by.

However contemporary manufacturing has come a long way and modern design teams are always working to improve the quality and durability of said product types. In this case, modern timber products are ‘layered’ or treated specifically to improve upon on fix previous weaknesses in solid wood products.

This results in a man-made product known as engineered wood that is superior in a variety of ways. Not only is engineered wood more easily designed to meet particular needs of a standard user due to its man-made status, it is also more customisable and tailored specifically for installation teams so that they are able to operate faster and more efficiently.

Timber is also incredibly secure in all forms, and the security of the product is properly utilised by the engineering process. Our wooden windows all include multi-layered and complex internal locking mechanisms that properly secure the window from unwanted access.

Our sash window class also comes pre-installed with highly efficient locking fitch fasteners that operate with the same level of efficiency. This results in a product that is specifically tailored to protecting your home from intruders on your property. This then works perfectly when combined with our manufacturing process’ excellent weather-proofing techniques, which are guaranteed to maintain their quality and efficiency no matter the weather outside.

When you purchase a wooden window from Harlequin Double Glazing, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best of all worlds and will soon be enjoying your completed Stevenage home in comfort.

Replacement Wooden Windows in Stevenage

Wooden Windows Prices

If you’re looking for a competitive wooden window quote and live within Stevenage, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas then look no further than Harlequin Glass Ltd.

If you’re looking for more information, wooden window prices, or just want some general advice regarding our timberproducts then feel free to call us on 0755 730 7296. You can also complete our online contact form and you’ll receive a quick, helpful response in no time.